Complete Access Control

TripleRoot provides a complete step by step health safety system in keeping people safe entering any type of business, facility, sports and entertainment center. With Zetrisil® killing 99.9999% of bacteria, fungus & viruses, including the COVID-19 Virus, opening up and living life has become even easier.

TripleShield Sanitizing Station

The TripleRoot Lab-Validated Anti-Microbial Solution Now Available for Digital Signage, Kiosks and Touchscreen Hardware. This will provide all Digital Signage, Kiosk, POS and Shopper cart solutions with 24/7 germ protection. The glass technology has been proven effective against harmful viruses and bacteria such as Coronavirus, C. Diff, MRSA and E. Coli. The units can be cleaned with soap and water, and do not require chemical cleaners for disinfection. Lab-tested anti-viral and anti-bacterial glass touchscreen technology available on the company’s next-generation touchscreens.


TripleShield Sanitary Gate

The TripleShield Sanitary Gate is a sanitising tunnel that sprays any sanitising substance both in a concentrated or in a ready-to-use diluted formula. The Sanitary Gate is a tested, safe, and effective method to sanitise people and objects in just 5 seconds, killing up to 99% of any pathogenic microbes on the surfaces, including COVID-19.

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TripleShield Geofencing

Geofences and Places Database

TripleRoot® App Software pushes real-time locationtriggered notifications for health, safety, and marketing campaigns. The TripleRoot® software powers personalized messages for your app users through targeted push campaigns based on location, time, and dwell triggers for engaging mobile experiences.

Secured entry

TripleRoot® Access Control

TripleRoot® offers World-class access control software and a full suite of intelligent admission devices, including turnstiles, entry pedestals, suite entry terminals and mobile handhelds running on multiple digital platforms. These products provide superior access control for sports and entertainment venues, restaurants, schools and corporate facilities.

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